As a digital or social meia marketer. You nee to be able to track and calculate your social meia roi (return on investment). It shows the value of your social campaigns in dollars. Euros or yen so you can double down on the tactics that work and avoid those that don’t. Social meia is a powerful part of any marketing strategy to drive brand awareness and roi and is growing in importance as shoppable posts and social commerce become a reality. In this blog. We’ll show you how to measure your roi and provide tips to improve it so you can boost the value of your social meia activities.

 What is social media roi

 What is social meia roi? First of all. Let’s define what social meia roi is. Like anything that refers to a return on investment. It’s the value new data of your social meia activities divide by the investment made. The formula to calculate roi for social meia is: (return – investment made) / investment made x 100 = social meia roi if your roi value is more than 0 percent. You’re making money from your social meia campaigns. Anything below that means you are losing money. “34% of marketers said they were uncertain about their ability to measure the roi of their social meia marketing efforts ” statista why choose dmi? How do you calculate social meia roi? How you calculate roi depends on the objectives of your organization and the metrics you use.

 You can download our social media campaign roi

 You can download our social meia campaign roi calculator to keep track of your goals. Costs and returns. For example. Is brand awareness a priority for your social meia. Or is it lead Phone Number SG capture or sales? When creating your roi metrics. Bring them back to the objective and goal of your activities to prove value. There are many social meia goals you can choose. It really depends on your core objective. Which could be: new followers click-through rates conversions complete lead generation forms downloade files (e.g. Ebook. Whitepaper) common metrics to help measure social meia roi include: engagement – as one of the most common and valuable metrics

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