In the world, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 who have had fractures have been found to suffer from osteoporosis. Although osteoporosis usually occurs over the age of 60, it can also occur in younger people, especially if they have more risk factors than those we have mentioned. How do I know if I have osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is insidious and often causes no concern in its early stages. In the advanced stages of this disease, one can observe the reduction of the body or the bending of the spine leaning from the front side of the body. Despite the results for early diagnosis, osteoporosis is detected even after the first fracture.

How common is osteoporosis

For this very reason, it is important to see a doctor if you are affected by at least the three risk factors mentioned. Especially if you are over 50 years old. Your doctor will take a detailed medical history and then decide. Whether to proceed with the procedures to diagnose the presence of osteoporosis. Usually, the first step is to perform a bone mineral Indonesia WhatsApp Number List density (bmd -bone mineral density) test. A procedure that involves taking a dexa scan (dual energy x-ray absortimetry). This sophisticated registration of the skeleton with very low radiation enables the detection of the smallest loss of bone tissue. The diagnosis can also be found by ultrasound (without radiation).

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How do I know if I have osteoporosis

But the accuracy of the registration is not very high. And usually this is used as a quick method, orientation images (screening) for a larger population from. Which it will then be the people who have a high probability of suffering from Germany Email List osteoporosis are divided. In the doctor’s investigation package, he may recommend blood laboratory analysis. Related to osteoporosis (calcium, phosphorus, parathyroid hormone metabolism evaluation, etc.). How can osteoporosis be prevented. The heredity factor plays a major role in the risk of this disease, and in this case it cannot be acted upon. But, on the other hand, we can act in changing the lifestyle. To maintain healthy and strong bones.

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