We have been thinking about the concept of dark social or dark funnel in a marketing strategy for a long time . Although it is an idea that we have been thinking about since the beginning of the Internet, the first reference I have to this term is from October 2012 (I myself spoke about it on this blog in . November 2012 in “Dark social: the key to understanding the dissemination of content “). For those of you who have not heard of this concept, I will explain it to you quickly. What is dark funnel.  It refers to all the interactions that occur during the sales process that we are not able to measure. During a digital sales process, we are able to measure everything that involves a . Click (and better if it is correctly labeled), but before, during and after each of . tThe steps of our digital attribution model, our future customers.  They seek information and interact in places that we are not able to measure or attribute.

How can we measure the effects of the dark funnel?

In the article on dark social that I mentioned, I talk about the. Possible measurable effects of these interactions through direct traffic to certain URLs that have.  Probably been reached from a site/platform (message, email, etc.), which we are not able to measure. In this article I made some simple calculations, and at that time the contribution of this traffic was enormous: the dark.  Funnel caused traffic from social networks to increase by 62% . Our customers trust other customers more than brands  . The dark funnel reflects a reality and that is that the one our clients trust the most is top industry data other clients and not us as brands. A good reflection of this are the results of the study carried out by . McKinsey, which as its most powerful conclusion told us that:

The influence of our marketing is less in B2B

Until now these studies have focused on the end customer, on companies that carry out B2C marketing. But it is in B2B where understanding this behavior is even more important, because: The size of the audiences is much smaller. The purchasing process is much more rational Phone Number SG and professionalized. This factor can affect doubly depending on the buyer’s level of . Knowledge and experience. If it is high, the process will be difficult but fairer, but if it is low, we also have the initial task of training the  . Buyer of our product or service. As a consequence, the opportunities to . Connect with our audience are fewer (fewer number of searches, content, conversations on social networks, advertising spaces, 

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