Over time, these people get used to nicotine and then find it difficult to quit smoking. Even people with the strongest character give up this small pleasure, which negatively affects our health. Smoking currently leads in the threat of death which covers 25% of the total number of deaths. This bad habit affects every organ of the human body and causes many diseases. Read more about the harmful effects caused by smoking, as well as what are the advantages that you will feel if you give up this bad habit. Why should you not smoke? Statistics show that worldwide the number of people who die from smoking is higher compared to the number of people who die from HIV, drug abuse, alcoholism, car accidents and fire accidents.

Smoking increases

Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer in 90% of sick patients. It may seem unbelievable, but worldwide more women die from France Phone Number List smoking than from breast cancer. Also, smoking is the main cause of the appearance of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, increases the risk of heart diseases, heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure, damages blood vessels, causes cancer in the bladder, uterus , in the large intestine, in the esophagus (gurmaz), in the kidneys, urethra, in the throat, liver, pancreas, stomach, as well as many other diseases. Smoking also affects the weakening of the immune system, and damages almost every organ in the human body.

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Quit smoking

Pregnant women who smoke, in most cases have premature births, and babies often have congenital defects. In men, smoking affects the occurrence of impotence. Smoking increases the risk of heart disease People over the age of 60 who Azerbaijan Phone Number List smoke are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease, while people under the age of 50 who also smoke are five times more likely to die in the next 10 years. Therefore, one of the preventive measures is to quit smoking. The risk increases with the number of cigarettes smoked and the duration of smoking, but the disease can also occur in people who themselves smoke 5 cigarettes a day.

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