If you don’t have ones develope. Use this buyer persona template to create them today! Be clever with your content – it can be hard to get notice on social meia platforms with so much content out there. It’s about quality content. Not quantity. So take time to create content that’s relevant. Exciting and entertaining. Use social lead generation – in the u.s. Marketers reporte that social meia accounts for 15 percent of their marketing budgets according to statista data on social meia budget share. This level of spend requires social meia to generate leads and customers. So make sure you include lead generation forms on valuable content assets e.g. Ebooks or online calculators to capture customer information.

Test and optimize

 Test and optimize – tweak and optimize your organic social posts using new imagery. Keywords and headlines. On paid meia try out new ad special data types and audiences to see the results. For example. Online furniture retailer made use augmente reality ads on facebook to boost sales and brand awareness. The immersive experience allowe people with ios devices to position 3d virtual furniture in their homes. The campaign saw purchases increase by 2.5x. Ad recall increase by 40% and 3x add to cart rate. How to measure social meia roi focus on your social meia profiles – remember that your profile is the first thing that people see when they come to your page.

 It’s your job to make a good first impression

 It’s your job to make a good first impression. Look at the images and content you’re using on every platform and optimize any bios or headers to convey what your Phone Number SG brand does. In an instant. Use influencers – across social meia. Influencers have power. For marketers. It’s all about finding an influencer that aligns with your brand and can drive brand awareness and leads. If you don’t have any ties to an influencer look at doing outreach to make connections. It’s not only for b2c brands either. Influencers can be effective for b2b marketing so do a search and see what comes up. Keep an eye on social meia and customer trends – networks don’t stay the same year on year.

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