In some patients with this diagnosis, even only one type of treatment is sufficient, while in some of them, a combination of several treatments is done. Surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, are the most common types of treatment used in the treatment of malignant diseases. Each malignant disease is different in itself, and each response to therapy is individual. Surgery is usually the first treatment option and involves radical removal of the cancer and regional lymph nodes. This treatment is applied when the cancer is localized only in one organ/area of ​​the body, and then the operation is more effective. In certain cases, when the cancer cannot be completely removed, surgery enables the removal of a part of the tumor,

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Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are applied. Chemotherapy aims to eliminate cancer cells in all parts of the human body, destroying them directly or preventing their spread. This type of treatment affects all tumor cells, even those that cannot be Portugal Phone Number List seen during the control, the so-called micrometastases. Chemotherapy can be performed before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor, which can then be removed more easily by surgery. If chemotherapy is performed after surgery, it is aimed at reducing the risk of recurrence of the disease. Chemotherapy means the use of cytostatic drugs, which can be taken intravenously (through a vein).And during the control of the rest of the tumor.

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Orally (through the mouth), through the muscle, and very rarely injected directly into the tumor. Or into any space. Void which is affected by the tumor. Radiation therapy means the use of ionizing radiation in the treatment of malignant Uganda Phone Number List diseases. The best treatment results are achieved with the help of the most powerful trilogy accelerator. Which effectively destroys cancer cells, while the surrounding healthy tissues are maximally protected. Other types of therapies used to treat cancer are: hormone therapy, stem cells. Transplantation, immunotherapy, and targeted (marked) therapy. Hormonal drugs are used in the treatment of tumors that are sensitive to hormones. Such as prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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