As you can optimize your targeting and deliver marketing messages more effectively to the customers most likely to respond in a positive manner. You’ll also be able to maximize customer loyalty and positive sentiment, by delivering the right message to the right customers at the right time. All of this should culminate in increase sales and ROI. Why Choose DMI? 2. Send Personalize & Relevant Emails Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels you can use to communicate with and engage customers.

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It’s a direct and personal channel (using first-party data) that allows you to foster a sense of loyalty and nurture relationships more quickly and easily than other digital channels. If a customer has consente to give you their email address, they have already been expose to your brand, are willing to receive correspondence from you, and may have even purchase from you. This is significant – in order special data  to sustain your business’s profitability, you nee to encourage repeat purchases. Not only is it less expensive to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one, repeat customers spend more than new customers. And this is where personalization becomes important. By sending your customers tailore and relevant emails.

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You’ll be able to demonstrate your brand’s investment in their unique nees and interests. For example, if they’ve abandone their shopping cart, you can send a Phone Number SG  friendly  reminder and ask them if they nee any help completing their transaction. If they’ve spent time on product pages, you can follow up with more information and benefits. Or maybe it’s been a year since they first subscribe to your newsletter, and you want to send them a note celebrating this anniversary. Here’s a great example from the cloud-base typing assistant, Grammarly. Base on activity using the platform, personalize emails are sent showing progress on a regular basis with the incentive of a badge. Grammarly email Grammarly email. 

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