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The Finally, It Will Investigate the Place of Time in the Political Strategy of the Fac. The Results of -d With a Participation of the Electoral Roll That Seems to Have Stabiliz Since the Reintroduction of Mandatory Voting in , the Plebiscite of December Reject the Proposal of the Constitutional Council: It Did So With a Resounding of the Votes. This Text Had Emerg From a Constitutional Council With a Majority of the Extreme Right, Which Represent a -degree Movement With Respect to the.

First Constitutional Convention in

Which the Radical Left, Much of It Non-partisan, Had Set the Pace of the Debates. . If the First Constitutional Text Seem Too Leaning to the Left, This One Was Leaning to the Right, and After Both Rejections the Constitution. Remains in Force, Partially Reform Into  Neoliberalism. If Saudi Arabia Mobile Database After the First Rejection It Was the Left That Felt the Blow, This Time the Clear Losers of the Contest Were the Extreme Right and Its. Leader, José Antonio Kast, Who Instead of Using His Majority in the itorial Body to Convince Reactive Sectors , Stuck to His Guns and Even Back Down in the Previous Negotiations With the Aim of Sealing an Ideologiz and Radical Text.

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If You Look at It in Perspective

Since the Introduction of Compulsory Voting in , the Electoral. Strength of the Center-right Has Significantly Increas Compar to the Immiately Previous Elections (Entry Plebiscite in and Constitutional Convention in ). On the  Other Hand, the Results of the Center-left Have Had Ups and Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List Downs; the Best Performance Occurr in This Last Election ( Plebiscite). To Understand Who Was Behind the Victory of “Against”, the Prictive. Analytics Company Unholster Identifi Three Core Groups: Those Under Years of Age, Women and Those Who Had Abstain or Had Not Shown a Preference in Previous Elections.

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