The voice prosthesis is a new method, which can be placed during the operation or after the operation. These prostheses are placed surgically, after the complete removal of the larynx, or after the end of radiation therapy. What do voice prostheses look like? They are very small (6-12 mm), made of silicone material and have a non-return valve to prevent the flow of food and saliva into the lungs. The prostheses last for about 3-4 months, then they are simply and painlessly replaced with new ones. With the placement of voice prostheses, patients have the opportunity to speak again. Indications for their placement are the patient’s good psychophysical condition, wide tracheostomy (opening of the larynx), good lung function and good hygiene rules.

Cancer of the larynx

Cancer of the larynx Laryngeal cancer Finland WhatsApp Number List accounts for 1-2% of all cancers, or 2-10 cases out of 100,000 inhabitants. From this type of cancer, men are affected 4-10 times more often than women. It usually appears after the age of 50, and the biggest risk factor for this disease is smoking. For smokers, the occurrence of this disease is 5-25 times higher. Gastroesophageal reflux, irritation to chemicals, asbestos, etc. are also mentioned as risk factors. Treatment and diagnosis There are two types of laryngeal carcinoma treatment: surgical treatment and radiotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy is usually used as an adjunctive treatment to surgical treatment and radiotherapy treatment.

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Treatment and diagnosis

The type and form of surgical treatment Thailand Telegram Number depends on the position and size of the cancer, as well as the spread of the disease. Depending on the size and location of the tumor, the operation can be functional, when only the tumor is removed with a part of the voice or the entire voice  There are also functional laryngectomies in which the tumor and a part of the larynx are removed (partial horizontal and vertical laryngectomy. If the tumor is large and in a late stage, it is necessary to remove the entire larynx (total laryngectomy). It should be noted that in most surgical interventions, due to the provision of breathing.

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