Today, the modern man has the opportunity to choose the food he wants to consume. His decision is influenced by a large number of relevant attitudes from nutritionists and doctors as well as the experiences of people who for various reasons have accepted one of these ways of eating, and through the popularization of these foods, also influence people other. For many misunderstandings and many other issues related to proper nutrition, we talked to nutritionist Dr. Aleksandra Haxhi-Dimova, part of the professional team of the “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital.

In terms of losing extra pounds

To begin with, is there a difference between the concept of healthy food and healthy eating. Just because you’ve selected healthy foods on your menu. Doesn’t mean you’re eating healthy. In order to consume the right food. You must not only consume Australia Phone Number List healthy foods. But several other conditions must also be met, first of all they must be prepared in the right way. Must be combined properly and must have a rhythm of consumption , which will result in a good digestion of food. In other words, for example, if you prepare beans with meat, even though you have chosen two healthy foods. Their combination is inappropriate, due to their difference in terms of digestion. So this food is included in the food group irregular.

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You mentioned the nutritional principle

Can fruits be consumed at any time of the Argentina Phone Number List day because they are healthy? We all consider fruits as a healthy food, but they should not be consumed in the evening. Every day new diets appear with the same prefix “the most i/e”, what is your opinion on this? Recently, the market offers more and more different food products, and different diets, and at the same time there is a paradox, since the increase in body weight is more and more present. This is because diets are unsustainable in the long term, and the body quickly begins to feel hungry. Staying hungry does not mean that you will lose your excess body fat in the right way, as obesity is all about the accumulation of body fat.

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