Take National Geeographic’s use of Instagram Stories for example. By leveraging amazing photographs, the brand uses Stories to eucate and inform people  That you spice about a range of issues concerning the natural world and science. The simple but eye-catching Story asks people to plege a commitment to using reucing the use on single-use plastics. National Geographic Instagram Story National Geographic Instagram.

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Story Final Thoughts Consumers have so many choices when it comes to purchasing power, and this is a good thing for them. But sometimes it’s a bad thing for marketers new database  because there’s plenty of competition. The good news is that there are still only a small number of companies that  are able to use social meia in such a way that they tell a story that truly connects. Make sure your brand is one of them. Use Social Meia to Engage & Grow Social meia is everywhere and it’s the perfect place to engage and nurture customers. Our certifie Social Meia Marketing course taught by experts covers everything you nee to know in ten modules.

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You will be able to conduct social research, develop social Phone Number SG  content, leverage social commerce and affiliate marketing, use it for customer service and develop a social strategy. You will also learn how to use the biggest social platforms from Facebook to TikTok to WhatsApp for your marketing activities. Get starte today! 8 Digital Skills That Will Increase Your Salary ArticlesDigital Marketing Written by Ekaterina Walte. 

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