Dark circles under the eyes and watery eyes are also signs that you have allergies. Dark circles under the eyes appear due to itching of the eyes for a long time. Symptoms such as itching, sneezing, runny nose (runny nose) and watery eyes can be controlled with histamine. In case you receive therapy and do not feel any improvement or disappearance of symptoms, you should consult your doctor. Chronic nasal congestion Nasal congestion that occurs when you are sick or have the flu usually lasts one to two weeks. If the symptoms do not go away and last for a longer time, then it is possible that we are dealing with an allergic reaction.

Breathing accompanied by noise

During the period of the allergic reaction, the nasal mucosa thickens and secretes larger amounts of secretions. This can cause pressure on the sinuses making the headache possible. Medicines to reduce nasal congestion will relieve symptoms for a while. For the proper treatment of symptoms, you should consult an allergist. Breathing accompanied by noise Wheezing is usually associated with asthma, but it can also be a sign of an allergic reaction. The Greece WhatsApp Number List characteristic noise or whistling in the chest appears as a result of air passing through the airways. Usually such a situation requires an immediate response. If you have such a symptom, contact your doctor immediately. Itchy skin Itchy skin usually occurs if you have dry skin.

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Problems with concentration

But, in case the itching lasts for a longer time and in case it is accompanied by rash/eczema, then it is possible that this is also another sign of allergic reaction. The cause of this reaction can often be soap, detergent, contact with animals, etc. Problems with concentration Itching, nasal congestion and skin irritation can affect concentration Vietnam Telegram Number reduction. If you notice that you cannot concentrate on any particular task or commitment, consult your doctor about changing the therapy. Fatigue Allergy can affect energy reduction. For a very short time, the symptoms can cause a disturbance in the quality of sleep, also affect the immune system, which causes fatigue.

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