But what does Design Thinking really mean ? It is an approach that promotes creativity and cooperation to solve complex problems. It was born at Stanford University around the beginning of the millennium and aims to overcome the limits of traditional problem-solving methods. Instead of focusing only on solving problems, Design Thinking pushes towards identifying the problems themselves, placing the emphasis on the customer and his needs. This thinking model is based on the formation of cross-functional teams, where each member brings their own background, experience and worldview to approach the problem from different perspectives. This diversity of points of view allows us to generate innovative ideas and identify solutions that might otherwise be missed.

Design Thinking: definition

Let’s imagine we want to launch a new service: if only one person is responsible for developing it, we risk neglecting crucial aspects. But if we involve Croatia Phone Number List professionals with different skills, we obtain a more complete approach full of innovative ideas. An accountant might suggest marketing strategies aimed at customers’ real needs, a developer might propose to digitize the service, while a designer might help improve the user experience through a more intuitive organization of promotional materials. Design Thinking is not just a methodology, but a real way of thinking that promotes product and process innovation. To apply it successfully, it is necessary to know the customer and the context in which he uses our products, so that we can improve his purchasing experience.

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From focus on problems to focus

Only after adopting this mentality can you use Design Thinking tools to give shape to ideas and ground projects. However, introducing Design Thinking into a company is not always easy. There is often resistance to change and a corporate Malaysia Phone Number List culture that does not favor innovation. It is important to involve employees in the transformation process, providing them with solid motivation and support. Finding sponsors and leaders within the company, who believe in the project and can influence other employees, is crucial. Furthermore, you need to create a company culture focused on innovation, communicating the company’s values ​​and vision in a clear and engaging way. In conclusion.

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