Historically, in fact, a website is designed and thought about upstream. At the beginning of the project and is rarely updated over time. Yes maybe we can change some lyrics here and there but the structure doesn’t change until we decide to do it all over again after a few years. Growth driven design or gdd has the objective of managing your site as if it were an always open construction site: by experimenting and documenting the activities carried out. Week after week, month after month, your site will be constantly evolving. Why what’s the point of all this effort.

What is Growth Driven Design and How It Works

The point is that the site should not be designed by you for your users but should be designed based on what they want and are looking for. No matter how Guatemala Phone Number List carefully designed your site may be, it may be beautiful to look at but “beautiful” is not necessarily synonymous with “usable”. Ultimately, just because you like your site doesn’t mean that it reflects the needs of your users. And you make the site for them, not (just) for you. Or rather, since it should be built with clear objectives, your site must speak clearly about what it wants users to do. In this context, the GDD perhaps makes a little more sense.

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Benefits of Growth Driven Design

We see how users behave and we continue to modify the site so that it brings. The greatest number of users towards the goal we have set ourselves. Which is usually a conversion of some kind. Let’s take a good look at what growth driven Pakistan Phone Number List design is and how it works . Growth driven design: definition growth driven design is a data-driven process based. On lean and agile methodologies that allows us to design and create a website that best responds to user needs. The gdd consists of 3 phases: strategic planning. Launch and continuous improvement. This sentence contains many interesting ideas: the perfect site does not exist and, certainly. It is not designed on the table.

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