Google Panda to Exam Will your website pass the test. What is Google Panda? Where does the oft-repeated expression “create quality content to rank on Google” come from. In addition, Or is that idea that the longer a post is, the more likely it is to rank. All this rumor mill and much more spilled day by day in the blogosphere actually has its origin in Google Panda. In addition, undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the algorithm. At a time in SEO where almost everyone talks about.

The time Google talked about its algorithm

The time Google talked about its algorithm. The so to speak “official” statements with which we SEOs work are quite rare in our sector. A large part of the time our knowledge has to derive from our own experience and experimentation. In addition, but this is not always the case. Amit Singhal , Google’s search director in 2011 (birth of Panda) published an article on the official Google webmaster blog where he provided really valuable information about the algorithm. This information was also published in the famous Search Engine Land. In addition, and today we are going to talk about each of these points.

why do I try to focus so much on Google Panda

I already talked about it a while ago on my blog and I think that understanding it is one of the most necessary things from an SEO point of view. Because I am SEO and I have to understand the increase or decrease in traffic on a web page and today Panda is one of the main people Phone Number SG responsible for these fluctuations in the traffic we receive from Google. Panda represents the part of the algorithm that is responsible for measuring the “content quality” factor of a web page.

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