It is extremely important for the normal functioning of the brain and immune system. The only source of this vitamin is food of animal origin such as eggs, meat, mussels and dairy products. Fish and meat are considered the richest sources of this vitamin. How to get to know the values ​​of vitamin b12? It is very important to check if your body has enough vitamin b12. It is examined by taking blood. Since we do not examine this vitamin through a routine blood test. Therefore, Many people have been unaware of the lack of vitamin b12 in their bodies for years. If your result will show low values, the vitamin deficiency must be compensated.

Even babies can be deficient in this vitamin

The group of people at risk for vitamin b12 deficiency vitamin b12 is usually lacking in people who belong to the age of over 65 years, who often have Bahrain WhatsApp Number List problems with food digestion. With celiac disease, people who follow a strict vegetarian diet, people who have undergone surgical intervention to lose body weight. According to a large number of studies. Therefore, Vitamin b12 deficiency is associated with people who for two consecutive years continuously drink drugs to reduce stomach acids. Which are necessary for the absorption of this vitamin. If you are deficient in vitamin can be compensated by supplements rich in this important vitamin.

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Vitamin B12 overdose

The return of normal values ​​of the vitamin in the body will affect the relief of symptoms such as numbness, frequent heartbeats. Muscle stiffness, feeling of general weakness in the body, difficulties while walking and problems with Singapore WhatsApp Number List memory. The first signs of vitamin deficiency are fatigue and weakness vitamin b12 has been called the energy vitamin. Precisely for this reason, the first signs of the lack of this vitamin are fatigue. Confusion and a state of weakness. But, since these symptoms are general and often related to other conditions or diseases. Therefore, The role caused by the lack of vitamin b12 is not given importance. and often patients do not even think that maybe this is where the problem lies. Vitamin b12 deficiency causes anemia.

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