There are two different types of the disease which are part of the formulation of skin cancer. One is melanoma (derived from pigment cells) which is the most common cause of death in terms of skin diseases. Which in addition to severe sunburn at a young age. Other factors have been documented. Risk factors, such as very white skin. Family history of melanoma, large number of moles on the body. The second type of skin cancer is the cancer whose origin derives from epithelial cells. Which are not so dangerous to life, but daily and constant exposure to sunlight is the main risk factor. The longer you are exposed to the sun’s rays, the greater the risk.

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This type of cancer is easier to treat than melanoma. But it should never be left untreated because over the years, its growth gradually erodes the Oman Phone Number List tissues causing deformities and some of them can spread to other organs. Macedonia is a country with a lot of sun and many people due to their profession are often exposed to the sun, so you have to act in time. Dermatology has a great advantage, as the patient can perform self-examination. Self-control is the key. The skin is not an internal organ like the stomach, it can be seen with the naked eye.practice of dermatoscopy in daily clinical practice has greatly improved the diagnosis of melanoma.

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Any change we see on the skin is a reason enough to see a dermatologist. There is the so-called ABCD rule. ABCD is the rule of moles which is an acronym of English words that indicate the change in shape, border of a mole, color, size or its Chile Phone Number List transformation over time. It is a gold standard of self-control that anyone can apply or perform. If we notice a change in a mole, there is nothing to worry about, we should immediately see a doctor. This does not mean that you should be afraid, because the largest number of all these changes that appeared in the registered patients who presented to the doctor.

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