There is no magic drink that will help increase your IQ or make you smarter, but certain substances such as caffeine can give you energy that will help you to have more concentration. You can find caffeine in coffee, chocolate, energy drinks and certain medicines. The effect of caffeine is short-term, but of course, you have to be careful with its intake during the day, as too much can make you feel jittery. Sugar keeps you awake Sugar is the main fuel for brain function. It is not about white sugar, but about glucose obtained from sugars and carbohydrates which you get through food and are processed by the body.

Fish prevents dementia

Sweet foods and foods rich in carbohydrates enhance memory, thinking and all other mental abilities. Taking optimal amounts of these foods help boost brain function without affecting body weight gain. Breakfast feeds the brain Skipping breakfast can negatively affect your memory and concentration ability during the day. Studies have Bahamas WhatsApp Number List shown that the brain needs to be fed in the morning. The breakfast menu should contain cereals, dairy products and fruits. But breakfast should not be excessive, as otherwise it reduces concentration. Fish prevents dementia Fish is a great source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for brain health.

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Breakfast feeds the brain

These fats have an unusual power over the health of brain cells. Which is why regular consumption of fish is associated with a reduced risk of dementia. Stroke and with the maintenance of mental abilities over the years. For good brain and heart Australia Phone Number List function, you should eat fish twice a week. Daily dose of dark chocolate and dried fruit dried fruits are a good source of antioxidants – vitamin e, which maintains the vitality of the brain even over the years. Also, dark chocolate has antioxidant properties and contains natural stimulants such as caffeine which helps improve focus. Prepare for a long day five things to have a good concentration and to be able to work. Apart from the fact that you have to eat properly, also play an important role.

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