Antibiotics are drugs that successfully treat bacteria. But, they have a successful effect only if they are taken with the doctor’s recommendation and in the right dose. On the contrary, they can be completely useless and can even cause other health complications. Remember that antibiotics are not medicines that you take when you have a headache or a fever. It often happens that mothers give antibiotics to the child when they notice that the child has a fever, but the fever does not appear only as a result of bacterial infection, therefore this decision is unstable. Bacterial resistance can be deadly When the bacterium becomes resistant to the antibiotic, then the latter loses its effect and cannot act to destroy the bacterium.

The five biggest problems

As a result, the disease can last longer wasting time and spending more money in search of the right medicine. The five biggest problems caused by the uncontrolled and inappropriate use of antibiotics antibiotics are part of the group of heavy drugs that can cause side effects if their use is abused. Severe allergic reactions. Starting from the mildest Denmark WhatsApp Number List degree of allergic reactions accompanied by itching of the skin. To allergies that can cause death. Liver damage: improper use of antibiotics can cause liver damage. To measure the degree of damage. Blood tests should be done. Patients who have impaired liver function should avoid the use of antibiotics that are processed in the liver.

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Uncontrolled and inappropriate

Weakening of the kidneys: Antibiotics can have a toxic effect on the kidneys and can cause them to weaken. At least 5% of cases of kidney failure are caused by the misuse of antibiotics. Diarrhea: Antibiotics also destroy the Kenya Telegram Number good bacteria that normally live in the intestines, thus causing diarrhea. In certain cases, blood may also appear in the stool. Overweight: Recent studies have shown that people who often drank antibiotics during their childhood are more at risk of becoming overweight. Digestive disorder: In addition to the occurrence of diarrhea, antibiotics also have other side effects such as: nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Be careful when using antibiotics.

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