If you take all these points into account Expand Your with 1,000 niches you will get some very interesting ones One of the websites that has caught my attention the most has been “www.trenurquiza.com.ar” Profitable niche for google adsense From my point of view it is a niche with little authority and by positioning very few words you get traffic; Furthermore, it only has 30 URLs and you just have to look at them to see that half of them are to meet the Adsense criteria, here is your first mistake and our option for improvement. This website does not meet all the criteria I mentioned before, but if you go to the website and read the following paragraph you will understand why I have chosen it over others. It is a niche that, although it may not seem like it, has a certain.

Account with 1,000 niches Expand Your you will get some very interesting

CTC (Call To Click) point and here you have to put yourself in category email list the shoes of the user: When searching on Google, the user does not want to know how long the train is, or the number of people it can transport, what they are looking for is where it passes, what time it leaves from the origin and what time it will arrive at its destination. . If you continue to inform yourself, you will see that it is a metropolitan line, so the user may be a regular consumer who checks the schedules so as not to be late for work and who would like to save them on their device to always have them at hand.

Completely stopped to think about the user

You may also have the intention Phone Number SG of buying a ticket, but it may also not work out for you and you may change the mode of travel you had planned. I think that if this page is not positioning better it is because the niche owner has not completely stopped to think about the user. With everything that a user who rides a train can think of, I am sure that it is a niche that if we do it well does not drop below 2.7 page views (surely this person has less due to how the niche is structured). To get a quick idea of ​​what I could earn by having 10,000 sessions per month.

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