Do you want to undertake a university course? When evaluating which courses to enroll in, you must also take into consideration the training method, especially if you have to divide your time between study and work. Unicusano comes to you with a new formula called the Excellence Path. These are courses that combine distance learning with non-traditional exams and innovative assistance to students. To find out more, check out our guide below. Excellence path: objectives, purposes and advantages The Excellence Path allows you to take advantage of the online lessons formula. This means that you simply have to access the faculty platform to listen to the teachers’ lessons and consult the teaching material.

The advantages for the student

In this way you will be able to have better management of your days. With the consequent elimination of all downtime. The two new features are inspired by the same improved management of time and university studies. Exams in exemptions Kuwait Phone Number List mentor assistance that is. Unicusano has thought of two teaching innovations that allow you to study more calmly. To respect exam sessions better and to face your university years with the knowledge of being able to rely on efficient and always. Present student assistance. What changes compared to the “traditional” path. Unlike classic exams, those of the excellence path are divided into exemptions. Intermediate tests are scheduled during the courses of the individual subjects.

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What is the Excellence Path

The program, therefore, is divided between several exams/exemptions until its completion. This is an undoubted advantage because you will study in stages, focusing on less teaching material at a time and you will be more calm and prepared. Not only that, this formula facilitates the preparation of multiple exams for different subjects at the Russia Phone Number List same time. If you then have doubts or problems, you have the opportunity to contact the mentor. Each Excellence Path course has its own mentors, who are researchers or faculty members. Therefore, unlike the tutors who look after students from the entire university, the mentor only assists students in his degree course.

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