The story begins like this . the doctor told him. He recalls speaking to his mother and son. then leaving a voicemail for his wife. They couldnt concentrate. They couldnt breathe. Then everything went blank. The sick engineer had been responsible for decades for the development of GEs comput tomography equipment. i.e. CT imaging equipment. These are precisely the machines that are us to image the lungs of corona patients in order to find out the progression of the disease. From a human point of view. it is important that the story ends well and that the sick man survives.


Certain format so that the reader

They are usually written in a certain format so that the reader can understand its content quickly and without the risk of misunderstandings. Brand stories are an excellent option in b2b email list situations where the purpose is to break out of the rigid formulas of formats and evoke emotions in the reader. Storytelling is a way for your business to bypass ad-blocking browser add-ons and tell your business story directly to your readers. Brand journalism is an effective means of storytelling.


Such a way that they affect the reader

The topics must therefore be chosen in such a way that they affect the reader in a deeper way than the usual means of marketing communication. At the same time. care must be taken that Phone Number SG your story presents your company in a positive light. Read also Content strategy – the basis of marketing So how do you make effective brand content? You can find stories worth telling in surprising places. You should stay alert and ask broadly what kind of projects or side projects are your coworkers struggling with at the moment

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