Do you know your target group? The essence of social mia marketing is to know the target group for which advertising is done. This is exactly why buyer personas play such an important role in marketing planning and targeting advertising – without a buyer persona. your marketing angle can be completely wrong. With social mia marketing. your company can attract exactly the kind of customers you want. when we know what kind of things your dream customers value and what is the driver that most controls the purchase decision of each buyer persona.


Messages interest the target group the most

In this case. we can see what kind of messages interest the target group the most. bas on which advertising can be further enhanc. Our buyer persona guide will help you create buyer personas – download the free guide. 3) How do you use Facebook business lead marketing in the different stages of the sales funnel? The level of awareness of buyer personas determines what should be said to them at each stage of the sales funnel. The sales funnel can therefore be divid into four different stages .


Reach phase to the Engage phase

MRACE® model. from the Reach phase to the Engage phase. Thanks to the model. the customers entire purchase path from beginning to end can be taken into Phone Number SG account. In terms of success. it is essential that advertising is not done for just one MRACE® phase. In the reach phase. social mia advertising targets people interest in your product or service and creates interest in the company in completely new target groups. You can use. for example.


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