The key word here is “perception”: a company can be very determined in pursuing a certain positioning (let’s say “green” for simplicity) but fail to get the concept across to people. I don’t use the word “customer” on purpose because I can easily have an opinion on a company or product even without being a customer or potential customer. Different scenarios open up here. I am not a customer because: I’m not on target. In this case my opinion matters little, until I go around boycotting the company. In this case I could create some problems. the chosen positioning is not up my alley. Every company has values ​​that we consumers may or may not reflect.

Brand positioning and brand identity

A company on the other hand, doesn’t have to please everyone. although the chosen positioning is in line with my values, I do not have a good perception of the brand in question. In this case it’s a communication problem: the company tries but Sweden Phone Number List something went wrong. For the purposes of the discussion we are following, the last case is the most interesting. How can it happen that a brand chooses a positioning, that people don’t understand its efforts and get a completely different idea from the original intentions? This question introduces the entire discussion on brand positioning.

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Example 2: Nike – power to athletes

Positioning is never something objective but we always talk only about perception. No matter how hard a brand tries, it can’t get into people’s heads and change their opinions along the way. The difficulty in positioning a brand is linked to at least 2 other factors: Everything is branding. Every good or bad action, every well or poorly Egypt Phone Number List manned touchpoint, every polite or rude person, every more or less tidy shop creates branding and therefore contributes to creating an idea in the heads of each of us. Everything is subjective. Everything is made worse by the fact that the same action can be interpreted by each of us in a different way.

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