Launches Program for the Digital Transformation of Public Stories of Digital Transformation in Colombian Companies National Sustainability Congress 2023, Progress of Colombian Companies in Social Responsibility Article 1 of 5 the Logistics Sector, Its Digital Transformation and Tms Platforms Home Innovation Updat on Dec 12, 2023 Ict Impact itorial 50 Years Ago the Internet Arriv to Revolutionize the World and Today There Are More Than 5 Billion People Connect, Which Reflects the Importance and Impact That This New Era of Connectivity Has. Had on the Entire Planet. Colombia is No Exception, and Has More Than 39 Million People Connect.

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Not Only Reflect in Personal Life, It Has Also Generat a Great Opportunity for Companies, Especially in the Logistics Sector. According to the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (Ccce) , 3 Out of Every 10 Companies in Colombia Use Buy Bitcoin Email List the Internet to Improve Their Sales, Which Has Generat a Great Opportunity for Innovation, Growth and Expansion of Their Competitiveness in All Areas. The National Logistics Survey (Enl 2020) Indicates That of Every 100 Pesos That Companies Invoice, 12.6 Are Invest in Financing Logistics Costs. For This Reason, Suppliers in the.

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Use of the Internet a Great Management Systems, Minimize Costs and Time, and Monitor Last Mile Deliveries. Artificial Intelligence Has Also Contribut to Effective Logistics Management, Obtaining Better Results That Not Only Guarantee the Optimization of Processes and Customer Satisfaction, but Also Long-term Stability in the New Era of Digital Businesses. Logistics Sector and Its Digital Transformation an Example of the Usefulness of These New Technological Tools is the Incorporation of Tms (Transport Management System) Platforms to Improve Logistics and Last Mile Belarus Phone Number List Processes, Thus Helping Companies Plan, Execute and Optimize Movement. Physical Goods. Juan Ángel, Country Manager for Colombia at Drivin, Assures That There Are Still Many Companies That Base Their Logistics Processes on Manual Work, Which Increases the Possibility of Generating Errors and Low Productivity. ”the Implementation of Technological Tools Such as Drivin, Tms Saas , Allows Processes to Be Carri Out Effectively, Efficiently and Easily.

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