Effective marketing  to the abandonment of the communication development logic and to no longer even having the time to create an annual work plan: the usual things done in previous years that have satisfied someone in the management are redone (an event, a meeting, participation at a trade fair) and which gave more visibility to the team. Winning choice in the short term? Enough. Correct choice in the long run? NO 101% The objection is clear even before writing to us: “easy to criticize, but impossible to resolve.” True only in part because the impossible can become possible or at least achievable, even if with a head and a bit of difficulty. (Not forgetting that if your team needs support you can call us).

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Today technology has made such rapid progress. That a large part of what up until just 6 months ago had to be done by hand can now be largely carried out by a machine. Which does not replace the person (breathe deeply) but helps them . And it helps her Bolivia Phone Number List better and better. With marketing automation technologies it is possible to free the team from. A series of repetitive and low-value tasks that platforms can easily perform. So here we are working on the topic of identifying marketing activities that can be automated. To help you on this journey. We have collected some of the best marketing practices that, when automated. Can significantly simplify your work and increase the efficiency of your strategy.

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Examples of marketing activities that can be automated Identifying marketing tasks that can be automated seems simple (we immediately think of emails) but the amount of tasks that can be automated can really surprise you. However, let’s start from what we understood first, that is, emails. Automatic delivery of downloadable Jordan Phone Number List content Email automation is one of the most powerful levers in your marketing arsenal. Think about it: in an age where user attention is increasingly fragmented, having the ability to deliver valuable content directly to their inbox can make all the difference. By inserting a strategic CTA in the body of the email.

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