Do you want to understand how to become an ecommerce specialist ? This figure is increasingly in demand because online sales continue to grow exponentially. In 2020, for example, an increase of +26% was recorded compared to 2019. This means that a profile such as the ecommerce specialist has not suffered any employment crisis, despite the economic difficulties of recent years. In other words, it is a profession to absolutely focus on. If you are passionate about digital and commerce, read our guide to understand how to embark on this professional path. What does an ecommerce specialist do? The first point of our guide on how to become an ecommerce specialist concerns the duties of this role, whose main task consists of managing all the functional aspects of an online storeportal.

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Specifically, it deals with: analysis of the reference market and the main competitors in the same. Product sector development of sales strategies analysis of sales data. Supervision of marketing plans monitoring the progress of marketing plans coordination of the various. Figures involved (seo experts, warehouse workers, social media Kenya Phone Number List management, copywriters. Administrative department and logistics office) from all the tasks listed it can be seen that the ecommerce specialist must have transversal knowledge. Ranging from marketing to the economic and commercial field. In fact. This role is usually filled by people who have obtained a degree in economics, management engineering or marketing.

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Working online: the skills of the ecommerce specialist The range of skills provided are truly remarkable. In fact, it is not enough to have knowledge in the economic field. To perform the profession best, you need to master many different tools well: knowledge of the main ecommerce platforms SEO  knowledge of online advertising tools and Romania Phone Number List social platforms bility to use the main IT tools (spreadsheets such as Excel, presentation software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi and more) The soft skills necessary to work in the world of ecommerce To really understand how to become an ecommerce specialist you cannot help but check which soft skills are required, i.e. the necessary personal qualities.

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