Suspicious findings are evaluated by the internal structures, shape and flattening of the edges (corners) and examined by means of a technique called Doppler, which allows the registration of blood vessels. Malignant masses contain a large number of irregular blood vessels. Some new devices can determine tissue stiffness by elastography. Cancerous tissue is usually stronger than surrounding tissue or benign masses. Studies over the past few years have shown that elastrography is also an important contribution of superficial organs, such as the breasts, as well as a better view of small masses and abnormal structures.

What should be considered

What are the advantages of ultrasonography? There is no risk of radiation or side effects, no pain. Ultrasonography has no radiation, so the patient is not exposed to unnecessary radiation. Ultrasonography has no side effects and you do not feel pain during the filming. Because of these characteristics, you can repeat this Ecuador WhatsApp Number List procedure as many times as you want. The possibility of early diagnosis of dense breast tissue: ultrasonography, unlike mammography, is a filming method with a side view of the breast, so that during the examination there are no tissues that are placed on top of each other, so that there are no results of diagnostic errors.

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What is four-dimensional

It is recommended that women with dense breast tissue perform ultrasonographic checks. So that small foci of cancer, which during Nigeria Telegram Number mammography are covered by breast tissue. Can be seen more easily by means of ultrasound filming. The internal structure of the breast can be seen more clearly: the internal structure of breast masses, which can be liquid (cyst) or solid. Can only be seen by ultrasonography. Breast cysts are very common. Simple cysts do not pose a high risk of breast cancer, so there is no need to check them often. However, the structure of solid masses can be benign or malignant.

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