Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Although all women enjoy dark skin, the sun is one of the main factors in the appearance of wrinkles. Dermatologists recommend using cream with a protective factor even against minimal exposure to sunlight, when they have a high UV index. It is thought that 90% of skin aging is caused precisely by the harmful effects of the sun. Choose the right cream. When choosing a cream, you should always prefer the one that contains as little perfume and other ingredients that can irritate the skin. Choose neutral cream with high moisturizing capacity, in this way, your skin will get what it really needs.

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Inadequate creams irritate, dry and damage the skin. Be careful with sugar. Sugar and refined carbohydrates raise insulin levels, which is a real inflammatory bomb for the body. It is thought that insulin is the reason for the appearance of inflammatory changes in the skin and body. The optimal level of sugar is necessary for a young and Japan WhatsApp Number List healthy skin, but any excess of the normal level causes damage to the body and the skin. Give your skin what it needs – fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. Fresh air. Numerous studies show that air pollution, gases or car fumes, as well as the fog in which all harmful particles accumulate, which negatively affect all health, including the appearance and health of the skin.

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Sugar and refined carbohydrates

Try to spend your free time in search of clean and fresh air. Sleep. Poor quality and insufficient sleep affect skin aging. Over the years, this Malaysia Email List effect becomes much more noticeable. Chronic sleep problems increase the level of the stress hormone, which also affects the increase in the level of insulin. All you need is a good 6-8 hours of sleep and your skin will thank you. Give up smoking. As a result of smoking, narrowing of blood vessels is caused, by means of which the skin is nourished. In this way, the skin receives less nutrients, making it possible to start the aging process. In addition, as a result of smoking (inhalation), wrinkles appear around the lips.

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