Usually, when the disease has shown symptoms, it means that it has reached an advanced stage. Precisely for this reason, it is very important to carry out regular preventive examinations, which help to detect certain changes in the early stages of the disease. Early detection of the disease means a great opportunity to be treated and to have a better quality of life. Therefore, Below you will find a range of non-invasive tests that can provide a clear diagnosis. Breasts Don’t forget to do regular self-checks. It is the first step with which you can detect changes in the initial stage of the breast. Every woman over the age of 40 must have a mammogram.

Men who have a family history

For girls or women over the age of 20, they should have a breast exam every 1-3 years (depending on family history and risk factors). Therefore, Large intestine to detect changes in the large intestine. It is recommended to perform a colonoscopy and perform a test for the presence of hidden bleeding in the stool. It is recommended that men over Singapore Phone Number List the age of 50 have a colonoscopy.  That men over the age of 50 perform a routine prostate check. And determine the values ​​of the tumor marker psa. Of prostate cancer should start screening at age 45. Peelings in addition to regular self-checks of the skin and monitoring of moles. It is recommended to perform the control. And monitoring of all moles at once and possibly their evaluation.

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Prostate It is recommended

With the help of the dermatoscope, all the moles on the body are scanned, and their pictures are saved digitally. Therefore, During the next inspection, the current condition is compared with that of the photograph taken during the previous inspection. Cervix Cervical changes can be detected by the PAP test. Therefore, it is necessary for every Denmark Phone Number List woman to perform a PAP test once a year, and to monitor the state of the cervix. Therefore, For women in whom changes or the presence of HPV infection have been detected, it is recommended to perform the PAP test more frequently in consultation with the gynecologist.

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