The best thing is for both parents to break the news together, in an honest and simple way. You can say: Mom and Dad have some problems and that’s why we think and believe that the best thing is to start on our own. Be sure your child understands that the separation is between adults. You must constantly repeat to your child that he is not the cause of the separation, and that both parents will love him in the same way in the future, that the relationship and love of both parents towards the child will never change. Also, regarding the divorce, you should also inform the child’s teachers,

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They can follow the child’s behavior, they will inform you about it and in this way you will be able to react in time in case the child has Australia WhatsApp Number List problems or begins to behave in an unusual way. You have to be prepared for different reactions At first, after you have given him the news, the child is interested to know if something will change. Where will he live, if he will go to another school. Who will send him to sports or the activity he is currently involved in. Try as much as possible to maintain the child’s daily routine, or create a new routine as soon as possible. Thus the child is waiting for what will happen and in this way feels more secure. But soon you will start with the realization of the divorce.

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You have to be prepared for different 

Young children reflect stress with changes in behavior, such as urinating at night, rebellion (anger), opposition to parents, school, friends. Help the Japan WhatsApp Number List child to express his feelings in words and to share them with the closest people. Older children may react to separation with a mixture of feelings such as anger, sadness, worry or relief. The child may be depressed, withdrawn, angry, hold a grudge. Regardless of the symptoms, you should encourage your child to talk to you and tell you what he is feeling. Remember: regardless of the difficulties you face, you should keep children away from your problems. Respect your child’s relationship with the other parent.

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