Would you like to work in the digital and social fields. Deepen your studies by enrolling in the master’s degree in digital communication in l’aquila with the excellence path . The two-year course prepares you to work in advertising agencies. Public offices, public relations companies, television productions and communication agencies as content managers, marketing managers. Social media managers, data managers and more. Guide to the master’s degree in digital communication in l’aquila to enroll you must have a three-year degree in communication. Sciences from the l-20 study class. Not only does the unicusano university also accept graduate. Students in fields such as anthropology, modern literature and political, economic and social sciences.

Guide to the master’s degree 

Once enrolled, your study plan includes exams in: digital marketing neuro-semiotics and social media digital journalism social network analysis Luxembourg Phone Number List digital and social media management What is the Excellence Path? Unicusano offers you the new formula of the Excellence Path. What is it about? The training remains in distance mode and in addition you can take advantage of the exams organized in exemptions and the support of the new mentor figure. How the master’s degree in digital communication works To follow the lessons of the master’s degree in digital communication you simply need to connect to the faculty’s e-learning platform, accessible 24 hours a day.

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How the master’s degree

The thesis can also consist of the presentation of marketing plans, advertising campaigns and digital communication projects. What changes Slovenia Phone Number List compared to a traditional degree course? As a student of the Excellence Path you will experience the new exemption formula. If the traditional exams focus on the entire program of the individual subjects, the exemptions require the preparation of only a part of the program. In this way you have the opportunity to study more peacefully and to dedicate yourself to more exams in different subjects without worry. And if you need support you can count on a mentor.

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