Diagnosis and efficient  show the exact location of the tumor, its spread, the delivery of the appropriate treatment, and enable the follow-up and evaluation of the effects of the treatment received. In a word, these results give precise instructions regarding the correct and qualitative follow-up of the treatment of malignant diseases. Dr. Liljana Muratovska, specialist in nuclear medicine at the “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital, explains that with the presence of the machine. Patients with malignant diseases in Macedonia and in the region can be treated according to world standards. At which stage of cancer is themachine used. Or early diagnosis – This machine makes it possible to identify many disorders at an early stage.

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Changes smaller than 5 mm in diameter can also be observed in the images obtained by the achine, as information. About the patient’s body is obtained from images of advanced computer systems. Ing advantage of the increase in glucose Poland Phone Number List metabolism, which is characteristic of cancer cells.  Facilitates a quick and accurate diagnosis. Sometimes even without the need to take samples.  Metastases – pet/ct also plays an important role in determining. The spread of the disease to surrounding tissues or lymph nodes. That is, if there are metastases. Therefore,l for determining the local spread of the disease or even more widely. For example if the lung.

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Tumor has spread to other internal organs, adrenal glands or lymph nodes, that is, sometimes in determining the stage of the diseafter treatment – ​​The results obtained from the ine also provide information about how to properly treat Croatia Phone Number List malignant diseases and evaluate the effects. In a word, the results provide accurate guidelines for efficient and quality treatment of malignant diseases. When it comes to determining whether the disease has been completely eliminated, is the best method for monitoring treatment response.The PET center is a benefit not only for our patients but also for patients from the entire region, and it is the main center in Macedonia and beyond.

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