The senior team of dentists pays special attention to children’s oral health through modern dental services. In addition to standard procedures, the dentistry department at “Acibadem Sistina” enables a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of children with disabilities. Together with anesthesiologists, interventions are performed under general anesthesia. An anesthetic examination is performed before the treatment. After the examination, the child is sent to the specially equipped dental office, where the treatment will be carried out. After the child is under the influence of complete anesthesia, then the intervention begins.

The senior team of dentists

During the procedure, the child’s vital functions are monitored. First, it starts with the cleaning of dental plaque, then the teeth damaged by Germany Phone Number List caries are repaired. In case it is necessary, the removal of the teeth (usually milk teeth) is done at the end. After the intervention is completed, the child wakes up, and moves to the pediatric day hospital, where he will stay for 1-2 hours and then he can return home. Due to the inability to maintain oral hygiene in these children, their teeth are more sensitive. Therefore, dentists educate parents about dental care in these children. By using special pastes. Which prevent the development or appearance of caries. Pediatric dentistrypays special attention to children’s oral health through modern dental services. With great care and with a special approach so that children are not afraid of the dentist.

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All interventions are carried

During the intervention period, children can watch their favorite animated film, and the pediatric dental department also offers children special teeth fillings in different colors. Avoid dried meat products, especially those that have not Bahrain Phone Number List been stored properly, as they can cause serious health disorders. Do not buy products that have not been stored in the refrigerator, if you decide to buy them, then you must wash them well with plenty of water. The use of fast food is not recommended, due to possible poisoning. Refrain from consuming any kind of meat during this period. If you can’t resist, then try to prepare it at home, and the meat is well boiled.

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