Is sport your greatest passion. Transform your interests into a job by enrolling in the three-year degree in Sports Sciences in L’Aquila with the Excellence Path . Therefore, The course of study is organized with a training method that will allow you to realize your professional dreams. Not only that, the study plan offers you complete preparation both in physical disciplines and in law and economics applied to sport. Guide to the three-year degree in motor sciences in L’Aquila Once registered, you have a three-year course ahead of you with exams such as human biology, sports marketing, adapted physical activity. Economics and accounting for sports companies.

How the three-year degree in motor sciences works

The study plan of the three-year degree in motor sciences will allow you to work as: sports observer technical director motor activity educator athletic trainer What is the Excellence Path? Unicusano evolves hand in hand with changes in the Lithuania Phone Number List world of work. For this reason he has developed the Excellence Path which includes two important innovations: exam exemptions and the figure of the mentor. How the three-year degree in motor sciences works .  Most lessons are available on the e-learning platform, accessible 24 hours a day. Therefore, To complete the motor preparation, however.  Practical internships are planned.

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hat changes compared to a traditional degree course

That is, you will have the opportunity to follow sports science sessions organized in collaboration with the best sports organizations in the area. Therefore, What changes compared to a traditional degree course? The main difference with traditional courses Singapore Phone Number List concerns the way in which exams are taken. The Excellence Path divides the programs of the different subjects into several exemptions. This means that each exemption only covers a portion of the teaching material. This way you prepare more calmly and also manage to study several different subjects at the same time. Therefore, Unicusano also provides you with the new mentor figure to offer you personalized support.

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