Do you want to work in the social sector. Enroll in the degree in digital communication and social media in l’aquila with the excellence. Path and you will be able to count on a complete training offer capable of helping you realize your professional expectations. The study plan developed by unicusano prepares you to work as: supervisor of marketing and customer. Care activities marketing manager social media manager copywriter public relations. Officer guide to the degree in digital communication and social media in l’aquila to enroll you need a high school diploma. Then you begin a three-year journey with subjects such as sociology of communication.

social media in L’Aquila

Theory of languages ​​and new media, internet and social media, surveys and data analysis. Marketing applied to communication. What is the excellence path? Nicolò cusano university is constantly evolving. The excellence path is part of the new training proposals. This is a method that keeps the distance learning formula unchanged and introduces two new features. Exemptions and the figure of the mentor. How the degree in digital Macedonia Phone Number List communication and social media works to follow the lessons of the degree in digital communication and social media. Simply access the e-learning platform. That is, you don’t have to go to the university and you can listen to the teachers and consult the teaching. Material by connecting at any time and from anywhere.

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traditional degree course

Your presence on site is only necessary to take the exams and discuss the thesis at the end of the 180-credit course. What changes compared to a traditional degree course? As a student of the Excellence Path you will experience the exam South-Africa Phone Number List formula in exemptions. As you know, the classic exams cover the entire program of each individual subject. The Excellence Path, on the other hand, divides the program in such a way as to attribute only part of the teaching material to each exemption. In this way, you study more peacefully and prepare several exams for different subjects at the same time. And if you need help, you can turn to the mentor.

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