The main goal of customer success is to generate value that goes beyond the value of the product. The objective of customer success is therefore to build an increasingly stronger relationship with its customers to generate trust, loyalty and increase the value that a customer (Customer Lifetime Value) generates over time for the company. Marketing and Sales are undoubtedly the real boost to a company’s growth . Without marketing or sales it is actually difficult to grow, even if in a fast world full of distractions like today they are certainly not the only winning factor.

Why design a customer success strategy

With the confusion of messages that each of us is subjected to every day. Marketing and sales can no longer be the only vectors of sustainable Dominican Republic Phone Number List business growth. Precisely because they risk getting lost in the background noise. The starting point is a phrase by john jantsch that i quote verbatim (translated by me). A sale remains an “unfinished” sale until the customer receives a result so we must take into consideration a third pillar that contributes to the growth of turnover in the company and which. Not coincidentally, is based on customer management: customer success . I would like to say a few words on the concept of sustainable business growth. Because we are making it a key point of differentiation with our outside the box.

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How to design a customer success strategy

Training academy (and more) but unfortunately the concept is often confused. With environmental sustainability. In reality, the concept of sustainable Morocco Phone Number List growth is linked to the company’s ability to generate value for everyone it comes into contact with. It means being able to support commercial relationships with suppliers and partners. Guarantee personal growth for employees and stakeholders and above all be able to manage a healthy relationship with their customers. What i will try to demonstrate is that most businesses are organized around. Creating a value proposition to acquire new customers and not around the customer experience .

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