The relationship with customers is the beating heart of every company, a real journey that begins even before the purchase and continues well beyond. Whether it’s guiding you through the various options before buying something, helping you resolve difficulties or simply answering your questions, customer service is like that friend always ready to help you. In the company, customer service is no longer just an office: it has become an essential pillar, a mix between a team of product and relationship management experts who create bonds with customers, making them feel understood and valued.

The setup of activities and processes

Customer service today is much more rooted in people’s lives than just a few years ago where there was a toll-free number. Today we talk about Spain Phone Number List  automation, chat, forms, whatsapp, CRM with customer history. Who is MasterPro Italia Masterpro Italia is a brand of the Bergner group, a multinational that offers a series of 360-degree consultancy for companies in the retail sector and owns and markets, in addition to the aforementioned MasterPro, dozens of other consumer brands, with products ranging from kitchens to textiles , to the house in general. OFG follows Bergner Italia as a communication partner on all fronts, from loyalty to institutional or product campaigns, from social media to CRM, from marketing automation to customer service.

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Project kickoff and relationship recovery

In fact, MasterPro Italia is a beautiful case history also with regards to digital communication and communication on classic media, but today I would like to focus on how OFG Advertising managed its customer care activity . Customer care: the case history The initial situation Initially, before our involvement, customer service was Ecuador Phone Number List handled internally. With several other things to do as well, it was never a priority for the team. The intentions, having little time to dedicate to this activity, were to automate as much as possible and limit human interactions with software that recognized the instructions that users gave on the phone and then carried out simple operations such as sending links via SMS to pages of the site that could help users overcome problems.

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