The idea behind  is to expand the imaginative power of the human species. Creating images that would otherwise never have been imagined or produced. To date it is in an advanced testing phase, the images it produces are very beautiful and refined but it is still. Quite difficult to get an image of exactly what we have in our heads. Through prompts we humans can tell the bot what we want it to display but there is a large margin of tolerance. Between what is described and its actual representation. For your information, the main image of this post (the one above) was generated by. Inserting as a reference one of our usual images and reproduced in the style of pablo picasso.

What are Midjourney prompts

How do you build a welcome workflow. Next big things in cookware trends what is is an artificial intelligence software that. Based on textual input Honduras Phone Number List called “prompts” from the user, generates original images. Images can be created in different styles and the maximum. Output size is 2048 pixels. The images generated are not subject to copyright restrictions even for commercial uses but. Being public, they can also be reused by others. S not the only. Software that performs this task but, among those we have seen. It seems the best for the moment.  Is cloud-based software, which means that it does not require any programs.

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Midjourney prompt examples

Installed on the user’s computer and can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. The software is available in several languages ​​and automatically translates the languages ​​it does not understand, albeit with some errors in Panama Phone Number List understanding. How to start using o use you need to create an account on the official website. Once logged in, you can use in several ways: through the official website, the mobile app or via Discord To useon Discord , you need to add the bot to your Discord server. Once the bot is added, you can useby simply typing the command “/imagine” followed by the desired prompt. The bot will respond by generating an image based on the request entered.

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