To maintain my main source of income. Have more free time to enjoy Continue attracting mine. I have met several of those objectives, but others I have either not even start or they were left half done… Not to mention the economic problem that I have already told you about. Now let’s see the details. Be yourself: if you want to build a good and solid brand image, you must always be yourself. Whether on your website, on your social networks and, of course, in your email, you should always use the same tone and be who you really are. Web traffic 2022 vs 2021 At the beginning of 2022, I manag to maintain the traffic of the second half of 2021, which was not good, to be honest.

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This way, people will connect more with you for being natural. Measure to improve: Do not abuse images and graphic resources: nowadays it is better to send clean emails than emails full of images, emojis and various paraphernalia .To be easy to recover from the killer June 2021 update (the one for the Core Web company data Vitals application), but I had to try to do something… So I decid to resign my website , looking above all to optimize the loading spe , something that, without a doubt, had penaliz me greatly in the update. 

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Of the year was very positive in terms of web Continue attracting services workload , I manag to find time to resign the Phone Number SG new Refrescando Negocios website. What happen? I’ll tell you in the next point. Regarding traffic figures, taking into account that since the renewal of the website I have been stumbling, I only manag to recover figures from the end of 2021 from September. therefore, the cleaner your email is, the better for the user and the better for your openings, since it will make Gmail and Outlook not send you to the Promotions, Social or Spam folder. Comply with the law: never buy email databases (it is illegal) and always make sure your users subscribe according to the GDPR. In 2021 I had 128,001 unique users ; in 2022, 79,896 ( -37.58% ).

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