We talk about strategy because the contents are created to satisfy a specific objective, such as lead generation or the generation of qualified traffic to the site. Let’s say that the definitions of content marketing and B2B content marketing are quite similar.  On the other hand the production of content is a topic that straddles the 2 worlds. So, how does content production for B2B differ? What is B2B Content Marketing B2B Content Marketing is basically an activity of planning, study, production and distribution of content whose final objective is usually sales. In B2B we are talking about a complex sale, in which there are 2 companies.

Example of B2B content

In order to talk about “strategy. Let’s say that a piece of content must be built with a goal in mind. If we find ourselves making videos just for the sake of making them. We are talking about content production, not content marketing. As mentioned, content marketing in b2b and b2c does not differ substantially in the individual activities. But rather in the way in which these are put into practice. I’ll explain. B2c communication South Korea Phone Number List enjoys the undoubted. Advantage that it usually speaks to an easier audience: easier to track down because it is more numerous. Different interlocutors and, generally, we are talking about quite important contracts.

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Example of objectives

Easier to find because we know the areas in which it lives, easier to convince because it decides on its own (badly the family decides what goes). In B2B the question is a little different. There is only one purchasing office for the entire company and hardly anyone moves without their approval. On the other hand, the purchasing department does Dominican-Republic Phone Number List not decide autonomously but is requested by the various department managers, another complication. Also, could it be that we know the names of the people we know will be part of the purchasing decision but have a relationship with each of them? Difficult. It must be built. So, the underlying logic is the same.

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