Growth hacking or growth marketing is a methodical process, guided by sequences of rapid experiments, aimed at constantly improving the efficiency of company assets (mainly marketing and sales) with a single objective: the measurable growth of revenues. In two words: lots of experiments, without wasting too much time, to understand what works and put it into practice. Let’s say it’s more a question of how challenges are faced rather than the tools we use to overcome them. A question of mind, not muscles. A question of mindset, of corporate culture as I was saying. To better understand what growth hacking is, let’s try to proceed in reverse.

Why growth hacking matters to your business

what is growth hacking definitely not? It is not just a digital methodology, but can be applied to any asset, let’s say, even real or physical. The design of a product and its features, for example. It’s not a question of magic, but of constant Chile Phone Number List commitment and methodical work. The stroke of luck exists, but it is more likely to grow through small steps forward. It is not the prerogative of an Enlightened Guru who brings his knowledge into corporate reality. “One-man-band” is not a concept that goes with this methodology: it is rather a cross-functional team that works by listening, evaluating and testing each idea in a non-judgmental environment.

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Growth hacking and business organization

It is not a methodology as an end in itself but is a set of tools combined together guided by a single obsession: growth. So Design Thinking , SCRUM , Jobs to be Done , all the canvases that come to mind ( Value Proposition , Business Model and so on): everything that can Lithuania Phone Number List bring value is used to create hypotheses which then need to be tested. It is not the solution to all problems, in fact it requires extra work. Growth hacking must be used “over” other tools: it applies to design, to the site, to advertising. Can it be tested? Is it measurable? Then it can be done. It’s not a sexy methodology. Growth hacking sounds cool. And it is, if you like losing sight of Excel sheets.

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