The upper limit of normal blood pressure is 120 to 80. These values ​​also apply to the elderly who were thought to be allowed to have higher values. If your blood pressure is higher and ranges from 120-80 to 140-90, it is considered that the patient is at risk of hypertension, so serious measures should be taken immediately to normalize the blood pressure. All those who have blood pressure higher than 140-90, suffer from hypertension and should be treated. Can blood pressure vary? Blood pressure varies considerably, depending on what you do and your mood. If you push yourself physically, it can reach values ​​up to 200, which is more normal.

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People with high blood pressure should Italy WhatsApp Number List avoid heavy physical work. The voltage is normally lower at night when we are sleeping. For this reason, you should use the night to rest. 3. How and how often should blood pressure be measured? Blood pressure is measured with the help of a manometer for blood pressure, or an electronic one. Check the accuracy of your blood pressure monitor with your family doctor. You should measure the blood pressure several times a week, at different times of the day. Do not use devices for measuring blood pressure in the forearm or wrist.

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They do not show the true blood pressure value. Do not overdo the blood pressure measurement, as this will increase your stress, which will Japan Email List then increase the blood pressure. 4. Should you check your children’s blood pressure? Of course you should. Check your child’s blood pressure once a year. This is especially true for teenagers. The number of teenagers who have high blood pressure is constantly increasing, due to bad habits: they spend too much time on the computer or in front of the TV, most of them are overweight, consume fatty and salty food, and do not engage in physical activities. Does blood pressure increase with weight gain.

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