Reserve your spot today! Relat free video courses thinking strategically the benefits of strategic thinking the project planning benefits of an agile mindset digital Colleges leveraging artificial intelligence leadership metrics management the benefits of working with others the benefits of team collaboration view the course shar by: clodagh o’brien clodagh o’brien clodagh o’brien is a content creator and strategist. She has spent the past 12 years creating and managing content for a number of smes and global brands. She is passionate about digital marketing and the impact of technology on culture and society. You can find her on twitter or linkin.

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Category: articles digital management and leadership recommend toolkits for you: assessing your career: the ultimate toolkit toolkit: new Canada Telemarketing Data  hire onboarding templates webinar: webinar: standing out: advancing your digital marketing career articles: 2023 member holiday update article: 8 to drive student success article: summary of 5 key elements of a linkin killer (and 5 great hacks) get the latest digital marketing data. Insights. And institute logo training class resources articles blog topics topics marketing guide articles digital strategy social mia marketing written by alison battisby the topic may be new in the world of social mia. But it’s making some serious noise in a short time.

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The meta-own microblogging platform positions itself as an alternative to twitter (x) and currently has over 100 million downloads. With  Canada Phone Number  more people joining every day. Threads is already off to a strong start since launching in july 2023 and expanding to the eu in december. But will its success outlast the initial enthusiasm for the new platform? Will it prove to be  tool that delivers real return on investment (roi)? What is a thread? Who is using threads? How to start using threads? How to use threads to enhance your brand? What brands are on threads? How to create a threading policy we’ll also consider the tricky question of whether you should consider leaving x to threads.

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