Today with the development of medicine, everything has changed. “A baby born in the 37th week of gestation is considered to have been born prematurely. The 24th gestational week is the earliest time when the baby is sufficiently developed and can survive, but with the help of intensive neonatal care. The baby born before the 24th gestational week, in most cases, is not formed enough to survive” – ​​says Dr. Antoni Hristovski, neonatologist at the  clinical hospital. How dangerous is it if the baby is born before the term? Babies born prematurely are small and underdeveloped, with a body weight of less than 2,500 g.

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In certain cases, certain complications may occur such as. Breathing problems (chronic lung problems), cardiovascular problems. Jaundice due to underdevelopment of the liver, feeding problems (inability to coordinate the breast, reduction of musculature, convulsions). Blood vessel disorder, tendency to infections. Should all premature Japan Phone Number List babies stay in an incubator. During the first days of life, premature babies have an underdeveloped body temperature regulation system. And without the help of temperature regulation, they cannot maintain normal body warmth. In the incubator, the temperature and humidity of the air can be adjusted very easily. Also, the incubator is an isolated environment and in this way the baby is protected from infections.

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When can the baby come out of the incubator. The incubator is initially used to reach body temperature in premature babies. Therefore, one of the prerequisites for transitioning the baby from the incubator to the bed is the baby’s ability to maintain Bulgaria Phone Number List body temperature. The baby is taken out of the incubator when its health condition is stable and it has reached a body weight of over 1,700 grams.for critically ill babies who need respiratory support. We have the most modern transport for mechanical ventilation of newborn babies and children with a body weight of up to 10 kg. Extremelyunderdeveloped babies are considered those babies who are born before the 28th week of gestation, and are extremely sensitive.


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