This includes diet, reduced physical activity, polluted air, increased use of antibiotic therapies, but also living in sterile boxes – excessive hygiene in our environment. She explains that there are many unusual causes of allergic reactions, but the radiation of mobile phones, tablets or wireless Internet do not affect the occurrence of reactions in their users. It has not been scientifically proven that the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones and the Internet affect the occurrence of allergic manifestations. It is thought to be more of a psychological effect – when we know something is harmful.

Mothers who smoke run

What can cause allergies from mobile phones or tablets. The metal material of these devices such as: nickel, cobalt and other metals. This reaction is more frequent in women and teenagers – says dr. Buhljetić. She tells us that allergens are pollen. Milk and milk products, fish and seafood, grains, eggs. Peanuts and dried fruits, parasites in Malaysia Phone Number List house dust, and we mustn’t forget – medicines. There is no such thing as a good allergy – allergy is a reaction of our defense system. Unfortunately, it is a reaction to those things that are not harmful to our health. Apart from the fact that they cause allergies in a certain number of people. Right now there isn’t just allergy between people – at least not real allergy.

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Allergies up to three generations

Water Can Also Cause Manifestations Which Are Typical of the So-Called Urticaria. but There Is No Release of Histamine – a Necessary Substance for the Cambodia Phone Number List Regulation of the Allergic Reaction – Added Dr. Camelia Bushljetic. the Organism’s Sensitivity Can Be Tested Even in 400 Substances. Most People Suffer from Multiple Allergens. but According to Findings, More Than 90% of Allergy Patients Are Sensitive to House Dust, Parasites. Animal Feathers, Mucus, Pollen from Weeds, Grass. Trees… Allergic Reactions from Pet Hair Such as Cat and Can Sometimes Cause Symptoms to Appear Which This Harmful Influence Can Cause. but Which It Does Not Actually Cause. in Fact It Is the Opposite of the Placebo Effect.


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