Throughout the Last Century

The Political Party. Unique and Thus Begins the Process of Party-state Fusion. The New State is Made Up of a Bureaucracy. Resulting From the Fusion Between the Bolshevik Cadres and Part of the Old State Civil Service. The Polish-german Marxist Rosa Luxemburg Point Out. This Problem to Lenin and the Bolsheviks in Power. With Her […]

He is the Great Absentee

The Steps Back , as in Countless Political Articles, the Party is the Organiz Vanguard of the Class, the Bearer of Class Consciousness, the Collective Organizer, the Promoter of Revolutionary Action and the General Staff of the Revolution. As Has Been Point Out Repeatly for a Century, Marx’s Theory of the Proletariat as a Subject […]

Relationships Between Freely Associat

The by the February Revolution, Was. Absolutely Different From the German, French, English or North American States, to Which the Quotations From Marx and. Engels on Which Lenin Bas Himself Referr. By Not Unequivocally Demarcating a Feudal Autocracy From Bourgeois Democracy, Lenin Unintentionally Creat. Constant Confusion Among Later Marxists, Confusion That Would Prevent Them From […]

Work Calculation and Registration

The Short, Despite Its Anti-utopian Insistence, the State and the Revolution Pays Its Tribute to Classical Utopias by Dissolving in Its Socialist Society Any Opacity Between What Subjects Do and What They Believe They Do; Between What Producers Ne and What They Say They Ne; Between What Economic Agents Produce and Declare That They Produce. […]

Also as Ultimate Guarantors

The Would Act Through Mechanisms of Repression, Foucault Show the Positive Modality of the Exercise of Power: the Mechanisms Through Which Power Produces , That is, Induces Pleasure, Forms Knowlge. , Produces Discourses, Imposes the Dominance of the “Normal” (Producing “Normalization”). Secondly, and as a Logical Consequence of the Previous Point, Lenin Tends to Emphasize […]

It With Respect to the State

The Detractors. Although It is Beyond the Limits of This Essay to Draw a Complete Picture of Its Reception, It is Worth Rethinking Some Deeply Debat Themes in Leninist Theory of Politics, Power and the State: Its Instrumental Conception of Power; Its Tendency to Conceive the State Only in Its Repressive Dimension; His Conception of […]

Instead of Ensuring Social Forces

The Commissioner Who Constantly Watches Over Her?eleven. Daniel and Gabriel Cohn-bendit Repeat the Idea Half a Century Later: «it Would Be Easy to Oppose to Lenin What He Himself Wrote in in the State and the Revolution . Every Sentence of That Book is a Denunciation of the Bolshevik Practice of the Years -.. For […]

Erecting the New Soviet State

The Control, Spontaneous and Authentic Creations of the Russian Working Class, Fully Legitimiz by Lenin of the State and the Revolution , Were Now Reveal in Their Eyes as a Source of Disorders and an Inefficiency Capable of Paralyzing the Country’s Productive Apparatus in a Situation of Extreme Gravity. With the Support of Lenin and […]

Against Foreign Intervention

The in the State and the Revolution. Actually Had a Correlation With the Soviet Reality After October. Isaac Deutscher Present the. Distance Between the Norm and Reality in These Terms: the Administrative Machinery He Creat Had Little in Common. With the Ideal Model He Had Dream of in the State and the Revolution . A […]

Magnitude of a Social Revolution

The Execution of the Functions of State Power and the Less the Ne for a Bureaucracy of State Separate From Society. Gaps Between Intentions and Results the State and the Revolution Was Publish in the Nascent Soviet Republic in May , Just a Few Months After the October Revolution. The First ition Appear in Petrograd […]

New State Will Adopt a Dual

The Institutions. – the Workers’ State is the Proletariat Organiz as a Dominant Class. The Political Form of Proletarian Self-organization is That Adopt by the Workers of the Paris Commune in , as Well as by the Russian Workers, Soldiers and Peasants in the Revolutions of and , Who Deliberat at the Same Time as […]