Thyroid cancer occurs when thyroid cells undergo genetic changes (mutations). Nodules usually appear, which can be felt when touching through the skin of the neck, but may not be felt if it appears in small dimensions. The size of the node can change, it is composed of cells that change their characteristics. It is necessary to carry out other diagnostics. Such as ultrasonographic control of the thyroid gland, further scanning of the thyroid gland, as well as fine needle biopsy under ultrasound control. Nodes can be classified into hot and cold. Therefore, Cold nodules should be treated more seriously as 15% of them may be cancerous. Nuclear medicine specialists Dr.

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Liljana muratovska and biljana crcareva at the clinical hospital . Acibadem sistina’, on the occasion of thyroid gland cancer month, advise that patients who have cold. Scenographic nodules should undergo a fine-needle biopsy in order to determine Iran WhatsApp Number List whether. The nodule is is it carcinogenic or not. Types of thyroid cancer and their treatment the papillary type of thyroid gland is the most common type. The general types of cases diagnosed. It is usually diagnosed in patients between the ages of 20 and 50 and occurs three times more often in women. Cancer may not show symptoms for years (sometimes up to 30 years) as it usually. Remains under 1 cm in size and may never grow. It can be observed incidentally during surgical removal of the gland.

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Determining these nodes during preventive India Email List examinations has improved in recent years thanks to ultra-sensitive ultrasound equipment. This type of cancer is treated operatively. If it is a matter of microcancer, smaller than 10 mm, after surgery. The patient can only continue taking thyroid hormone medication. However, if the cancer is larger or has spread to the lymph nodes or other organs, then the patient is treated with radioactive iodine. Usually six weeks after the operation. Follicular thyroid cancer – This type of cancer usually occurs in women between the ages of 40 and 60 and represents ~10% of all cancers.  Therefore, Among thyroid cancers, follicular thyroid cancer is the most difficult to diagnose.

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