The appearance of pain usually appears from the location of the tumor. Some cancers cause pain early in their appearance, while other types of cancer cause pain when they have reached an advanced stage of the disease. Patients often associate the appearance of pain with the spread of cancer or the recurrence of the disease. You should not forget that the intensity of the pain is not always related to the advancement of the cancer and the effectiveness of the treatment, since even small tumors that cause pressure on a nerve can cause intense pain, while large tumors which are found in a more spacious space, may not cause any pain.

Pain as a result of treatment

Physical and emotional disorders pain as a result of cancer can cause physical and emotional disorders. Disorders that can negatively affect cancer treatment, cause fatigue, loss of appetite and insomnia. Patients should inform their doctor Algeria WhatsApp Number List immediately if they feel pain, or if their pain becomes more intense. So that the cause of the pain can be determined as soon as possible. Often, pain is defined by its duration. Acute and chronic pain acute pain lasts for a short time (a few hours to a few weeks). It appears suddenly and its intensity varies. An example or it can be caused by side effects as a result of the treatment received.

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Pain caused by inflammation

This type of pain disappears immediately after removing the cause that caused the pain. Chronic pain lasts for weeks, months or even longer. It can be constantly present or it can disappear and appear with different intensity. The cause of pain in cancer patients can be the cancer itself, certain medical interventions, examinations, the treatment used to cure the cancer, as well as the side effects from the application of the treatment. Mechanical pain Pain caused by the tumor can be mechanical pain. This type of pain appears of this type of pain is pain caused by any treatment, by any diagnostic method when the tumor prevents the normal functioning of any organ or any part of the body.

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