Chlamydia Is Transmitted Through Vaginal. Anal or Oral Sex, and It Can Also Be Transmitted to Babies During Natural Childbirth (Through the Vagina). Symptoms Can Appear After 1-3 Weeks from the Moment of Infection, and During This Period the Infected Person. Not Knowing His Condition as a Carrier of This Disease, Is a Great Risk in Terms of Transmission of These Diseases. If Symptoms Appear, the Most Common Symptoms for Women Are: Vaginal Discharge or Discharge. Which May Be Accompanied by an Unpleasant Smell, Bleeding Between Cycles, Itching and Burning Around the Vagina. Abdominal Pain Sometimes Accompanied by an Increase in Body Temperature Body. Pain During Sexual Intercourse Gave During Urination.

How is it diagnosed

Sometimes the infection can spread to the eyes, throat and rectum. How is it diagnosed? The diagnosis of this infection is achieved through gynecological control. By performing a smear on the cervix, and several available tests are performed in the laboratory. Such as: the naat test the elisa test, the dfa test and the chlamydia culture. Treatment against Taiwan Phone Number List chlamydia is the same for both women and men, and is usually simple and effective. Through the oral use of antibiotics such as: azithromycin, tetracycline and ciprofloxacin. The selection and duration of the treatment is determined by the doctor. Based on the laboratory results. It is recommended that the treatment be taken by both partners at the same time.and they should refrain from having sexual intercourse during the treatment period.

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Treatment against chlamydia i

The therapy must be taken in a disciplined Australia WhatsApp Number List manner, regularly and until the end, it must not be interrupted in case you feel an improvement of the symptoms, since by stopping the treatment, you can make possible the recurrence of the disease. Complete recovery of the disease can be considered after the negative test result. It is important to note that if you have passed or overcome this disease once, it does not mean that you already have immunological resistance against the bacteria, and that there is always the possibility of re-infection. Here, the sexual relationship between partners plays a role in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

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